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Snitch the Fraccoon

This delightful children's book is written completely in rhyme. It is as fun to read as it is to hear. Join Snitch on his adventure as he tries to find the five magic crystals that will power the carnival. Help him solve the clues to know where to go. Learn about the value of selflessness. Hardcover book can be personalized with your child's name. Make it a family treasure.

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Snich The Fraccoon Book One

Snich The Fraccoon Book One

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The history of Snitch the Fraccoon:

After the initial release of my card game, Bag-O-Loot, my wife had this crazy idea of writing a book about Snitch, the character on the back of the cards.

Snitch is a Fraccoon: half fox, half raccoon. In the game you need to be crafty like a fox and you steal cards like a raccoon so a 'fraccoon' seemed to be an appropriate character for the game. With the help of another friend, Larry Frates, my wift and I made a full size costume of Snitch the Fraccoon who would march in parades. Kids absolutely loved him, so writing a book about him seemed like the perfect thing to do.