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Are your decorations hung?


Is your tree up?


Is dinner in the oven?


Looking for some family fun?



Then it's time to break out Christmas Delivery for some great family fun! 

Simple enough for a five year old to play yet intreguing enough for any age to enjoy. A true family game in every sense of the word. Warm memories made for a lifetime.

Every Game is CUSTOM MADE

We custom make each hand made (right here in the USA) with your family name and pictures of your family printed right on the board! It is a treasure you will cherish for a lifetime of fun!

We also offer three other version of the game:

  • Hanukkah Delivery​

  • Pizza Delivery (for older kids)

  • Beer Delivery (adults only, please.)


  • Each player chooses a color and places their sleigh in a corner space. 

  • Players take their colored lights and place them in the holes in front of their corner.

  • Give each player a "delivery card" to see what gift they need to pick up and where it needs to get delivered.

Game Play:

  • Youngest player goes first.

  • Roll the die and move along the path in any direction. Be sure to check all your options to make your best move!

  • When you arrive at the gift you are picking up load your sleigh with a light bulb.

  • When you deliver the gift, take your light bulb and decorate the tree by placing it in one of the holes on the tree. The star should be the last hole filled.

  • As soon as you deliver your gift, you draw a new delivery card so you know where to go next.

Magic Spaces:

  • Green and red spaces are magic. 

  • Land on a green space and you can jump to another green space if you want.

  • Land on a red space and you MUST jump to another red space.

  • Land on a star and roll again.

Naughty or Nice?

  • Land on Scrooge and send any player to any magic space on the board.

  • When you land on a space occupied by another player you get to send them to any magic space on the board.

  • Nobody says you have to be mean and send the player far away. Scrooge found his heart at the end of the story, so why not be nice and help the other player? Your choice.

Game End:

  • When the last bulb gets added to the top of the tree, the tree lights up and the game is over.

  • In cooperative play, everyone celebrates the beautiful tree and how fast you got it decorated.

  • In competitive play the person with the most lights on the tree wins.

Christmas Delivery Sample Board.jpg

Here is a short video I made when the first light up version of the game was done. Watch the tree light up:


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